Reno Mats

Reno mattresses

Reno mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion control, and embankment stability. They are filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures to promote rapid growth of natural vegetation. All the physical and mechanical properties of Yihang Reno mattresses meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM A975-97.
The base section of the Reno mattress is divided into compartments and filled with stones at the project site. With lids secured, Reno mattresses form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures.

Environmental Friendly 
Reno mattresses are environmentally friendly products. The blending of Reno mattress structures into the environment is rapid and pleasing. The voids in the rockfill become progressively filled with silt, promoting vegetation growth which is essential to the preservation and maintenance of the ecological balance of the surrounding environment

The woven mesh system has the capability of withstanding unexpected and/or localized stresses due to ground settlements and scour by deflection while maintaining its structural integrity.
The stone fill allows the water to seep through the structure while retaining the soil, therefore no additional drainage is required to relieve the hydrostatic pressures.
Cost Effective, Easy to Build 
Reno mattress construction does not require skilled labor because they are very easy to build. Standard construction equipment can be used. Structures can be built in stages, if necessary, and baskets can be prefilled and launched to enable the installation under water. Site assistance is available from any our area office.

Advantages and distinctions of  Reno mattresses:
This is a mattress shaped version of the gabion used mainly for erosion control when the retaining properties of box gabions are not required.

Their strength lies in their double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges.

- The base section is divided into compartments to restrict the movement of stone and strengthen the structure.

- The lid is supplied as a separate panel.

- The wire will not unravel even when cut.

- Assembly is easy, requiring no specialized labor and nearby rock is used for fill. 
Free drainage and 30-35% voids allow vegetation to grow.