The Innovated Slope Protection Gabions Technology Passed Test

Recently, the project of New Gabion Baskets Technology Application undertaken by the Baotou Municipal Water Affairs Bureau Reservoir Management Office successfully passed test of The Science and Technology Bureau.

Benefits of the New Technology for Protecting Slopes with Gabions:
This technology has a high popularization value for new method of slope protection with Gabion baskets. The gabions are made of zinc aluminum alloy with greatly improved durability. The service life of the zinc alloy gabion baskets can be up to 50 years. Compared with the masonry and concrete slab revetment in the past, the new technology is ecological friendly, with good water permeability, anti-erosion, anti-wave, high flexibility and durability. Using the new types of gabions has the advantages of low cost, convenient construction, low repairing cost, etc. Ideal for river flood control and beautify the city.

The Testing Process:

In order to do the scientific and technology research work, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau chose the Channel of the Kundulun reservoir near Sanying with serious flood upstream slope as a typical slope section test. The gabions construction is set up here. In the flood season of 2013, according to the situation of water, water level, flow velocity of slope erosion resistance, anti wave, flexibility, permeability index are noted. A collection of new gabion technology test data offers a good base for the new project approval.

Reports showed that the New gabions protection technology is successful through testing. It provides the scientific basis for the comprehensive promotion of the new gabions technology in our city river slope protection and flood control.