Gabions can be effective prevention and mitigation of debris flow

A mountainous area, If it rains often encounter the phenomenon of debris flow, This is because the local place some loose soil, In the long-term contact more and erosion by rain more loose ground, After the water flow impact after the out surface and flow together down the hill, In this process, there will be more and more of the earth and stones washed down, So that the formation of debris flow.

In order to prevent and reduce the phenomenon, A large number of test surface often experts, Gabion baskets is the most effective solution. In the cover strata surface soil layer of loose stone cage net can effectively reduce soil, The stones were washed away the possibility of. Hazards in the gabions built in the middle and lower reaches of multi wall can effectively block the debris flow caused by.

Gabion baskets is not only simple to use, Convenient transportation, More crucial is the low cost!!