Gabion box in the face of landslide can play what role?

In the landslide area we recommend you use passive gabion baskets to do protection work, The reason lies in the active net may be because the landslide area is larger and fall off when the landslide, The gabion baskets without the hillside into the anchor, But an intercept form a protective net.

Flexible and interception system strength enough to absorb and disperse transfer of rockfall impact kinetic energy is expected to, With the design of energy dissipation and ring to make the anti impact ability of the system to further improve the. Compared with the rigid intercept and masonry retaining wall,
To change the original construction technology, The time and money has been reduced.

Applicable to the construction facility next to the mountains with buffer zone, The avalanche, avalanche, debris flying rock, intercepted in the building facilities, Common specifications to avoid disasters to destroy the building facilities: [steel column (interval 10M), With energy dissipation ring Phi 16 double support rope and phi 16 chevron pull anchor rope (each 6 cross dissipation ring), Phi 16 side pull anchor rope (Dan Sheng), /08/200/4*5 square meters of wire rope, Phi 8 suture rope, grid net].