The stepped gabions production of riparian than ordinary ladder more durable

When the river through the city and out of date, People tend to the development and utilization of quite comprehensive, For example, in the river to wash clothes, Irrigation of crops, No matter what development work we need to have close contact with water, How can you let us come into contact with water?

Down directly from the bank? Although this is the most direct approach, But it is out of control, Caused by drowning or drowning risk, This method is not desirable. Tiered transformation of riparian fixed stage? On the Bank of the river is in the transformation of a section of Road on the ladder for people under. This can avoid the risk to a great extent. But this step after several rain washed easy to collapse or become abnormal smooth, It can also be dangerous. How to do?

This problem is actually very good solve, Gabion baskets can be very easy for us to solve the problem, Filled with stones of gabions box laying bank ladder not only saves time and effort, And also very strong, Resistance to erosion, Is not easy to slip.

Resistance to erosion: Because of the special structure of the stone itself caused it to be more able to withstand the baptism of wind and rain than other soil structure objects, But not easy to deformation.

Is not easy to slip: Gabion Baskets internal filled with stones after surface itself is not smooth, Plus the gabions box itself larger gap, This is not caused by the surface becomes smooth ladder, Thus is not easy to slip.