The Gabion Box shop in the river bottom can prevent soil erosion

We all know the river should always clean up, Long time not to clear the river bed will be more and more high, This is because the flow down from the upper reaches of the water contains large amount of sediment, When the water flow slows down when there will be a part of sediment sink into the bottom, Slowly accumulate. Riverbed rising phenomenon. Only the regular cleaning can, But it will waste a lot of resources.

Gabion Baskets this product now can perfectly solve this problem, The gabion baskets pad filled with broken stones neatly laid with the bottom of channel, It can completely solve the soil erosion, Of course, if you think the whole river laying too wasteful, You can only severe soil erosion area laying, Such not only can save a lot of money, Can effectively reduce the possibility of soil erosion.

Gabion Baskets