Where are gabion baskets mainly used and why?

Gabion Baskets are composed of a metal wire through woven or welding by machining. Mainly used for river, slope, coast, mountains and road base engineering.

The product can be used for slope support, foundation pit, mountain rock hanging mesh, slope vegetation, railway and highway isolation for fencing. The gabions can be made into the box, the mattresses or baskets shape for dams and seawall protection against erosion and reservoir.

Major applications are the following three in details:

First, Gabions for the guidance and control of rivers and flood:
The most serious disaster caused by river is its scouring the river banks and triggering floods. The flood will lead to the life and property losses and a large amount of soil erosion. Therefore, in dealing with the problem, the gabion baskets structure has become one of the best solution, It can make the river bank to get permanent protection.

Second, gabions for Channel canal bed and channel construction:
The gabion baskets structure is the main method for many natural rivers reconstruction and the artificial channel excavation. It can improve the slope and river bed stability and. It can offer effectively permanent protection to banks or river beds. Gabions also control the flow of water and prevent the loss of soil. It works especially in environmental protection and water conservation.

Thirdly, Revetment slope protection:
Gabion baskets structure in the river revetment slope protection is a very successful example. It makes full use of the advantages of gabion baskets and achieved good effect unrivalled by other methods.