How is the Surface of Gabions Treated against Rust?

Choose Gabions Baskets with Special Surface Treatment to Avoid Oxidizing and Rusting Under Water Related Using Conditions

As we all know, The use of Gabion Baskets generally means getting involved with water: to stop flood, to protect the riverbanks and etc. In order to prevent the gabion baskets from getting rusty after long-term immersion in water, We will generally choose at the beginning gabion baskets with surface treatment. Galvanizing gabion baskets or plastic coated gabions wire baskets are welcome because the zinc or pvc coating treatment guarantees the gabion baskets can be used for a long time without getting oxidized or rusted. In addition, these surfaces can also make the gabions baskets external appearance more beautiful.

Even if the gabions baskets we have used are without surface treatment, We can choose to have them galvanized or sprayed. The effect however, Is not very good, But it can be used for a much longer time compared with the plain steel gabions without any protection.