Sack Gabions Used in Flood Control Project to Stop Breaking

Sack gabions are also known as Dragon-snake shaped gabion wall.

Structures of Sack Gabions:
Gabion Baskets made cylindrical bags made with double twisted hexagonal wire mesh. They are filled with stones and other fillings during the loading block stone filling materials, to form flexible, permeable layout when used in the sand and river regulation project.

Metal Mesh Sack Gabions have three apparent benefits: Simple uses; Stronger than Common Bags; good water permeability. Details as follows:

Sack gabions are indispensable part in flood control engineering because of its simple and convenient using method. They are some kinds of mesh sacks, can be filled with stones or other materials directly and then binding firmly.
2. Sack gabions are made of metal wire materials stronger than the common gunny bags or nylon bags.
3. Sack gabions have good water permeability: The sacks are filled with stones and have big gaps. These gaps allow the water going through and can effectively alleviate the pressure of gabion baskets.