Gabions Holding Stones Used for Yellow River Soil and Water Control in China

The Yellow River has long come across the Tengger Desert, UlanBuh and the desert to form a shuttle shaped alluvial plain and irrigation oasis.

Ningxia Section of the Yellow River has relatively soft soil, the erosion here is very serious. Also the Yellow River becomes winding by frequent changing of its flow.

For thousands years, The Yellow River has raised sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, at the same time, it often brings flood disaster to threaten our home.

In recent years, through constant experimentation, the using of the stone Basket Gabions offer a solution to the river bank management issues caused by soft soil and serious erosion 

This has become a mature and practical technology in foreign countries, called "gabions" structure of the wire mesh basket.

Stone-Holding Gabion Baskets: Features and Benefits:

Now, as a new type of ecological technology and new process, cage gabions can realize the organic combination of engineering structure and ecological environment. Gabions have their own advantages compared to traditional rigid structure. They have become first choice for the protection, prevention and control of debris flow, landslide bed, to prevent the environmental protection and rock-fall netting. This product has both economic benefits and simple construction. Gabions have strong ability against the very severe natural damage, corrosion and resistance to bad weather. They can withstand large range of deformation and does not collapse. In the gap of rocks containing in the gabions, plants can grow among silt to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment. The stone basket or gabion has good permeability, can prevent the damage caused by the fluid static. No special technology is needed for the project. It is a practical technology and what need to do is to put the stones into the wire cages and fixing it.

This new technology of stone holding gabions brings innovated and practical opportunity for the Yellow River Ningxia Section water and soil control. Using of gabions will speed up the construction progress, improve the efficiency of construction and reduce the cost of the project.