How to extend the service life of gabion baskets?

Gabion baskets are mostly fixed to the place once they are applied in the majority control of rivers, flood control and other fields. So, the service time of the gabion baskets are important to the quality of the project. And the gabions service life is related greatly to the corrosion resistance capability of the raw material.

How to improve the corrosion resistance of gabions and prolong its service life? We recommend the following four methods:

1. Aluminum-zinc alloy gabions offer better corrosion resistance than the galvanized steel wire gabions. So, the raw material of aluminum zinc alloy is first choice for gabions making.

2. More zinc plating layers provide more corrosion resistance and less speed of corroding for the gabions. Hence, if the gabion baskets are made of steel wire mesh, it is better to coat the surface with multi-layers of zinc coating.

3. The uniform coating of the zinc layer. The zinc is spread on the surface of the steel wire in circles. The poor zinc coating has thick and thin sides. The thin coating determines the service life of the gabions. Though the coating component can reach 250g/ square meters namely, the useful coating amount is only 100g/ square meters or so. So, it is important for the uniform coating of zinc to achieve a long service life for steel wire galvanized gabions. The aluminum zinc alloy gabions with 10% coating have more smooth coating and are easy to get a long life. 

4, Coating strength. Once the coating breaks, gabion baskets are exposed to corrosion. Because the gabion baskets are made by twisted weaving, they have high demand for the strength of the surface coating.