Use of welding Gabion baskets net making Garden District landscape

Now the park and garden landscape area, In order to attract more tourists to come to play is full of tricks, The internal resources to the extreme, There are mountains in the mountains built viewing platform can be put around the landscape panoramic view.

Water is a small island in the water, Let visitors himself in a little boat or take a cruise to experience a feeling of people on the water.

These are the major attractions or park can do, In some of the small park or scenic spots is not to experience, Of course, also has a small small features, It will take the scenery around play the most incisive, Or by natural carved or by artificial, Always make you feel strange.

Recently a crafts also continuously appear in these places, For example, see the following, Is the use of welding gabions is made, It is the production of the initial placement of a water outlet pipe inside the gabion baskets, And then filled with crushed stone in the gabion baskets, After the completion of docking on the ground and the water outlet Ok, Is very simple, but very innovative.

Gabion Baskets