Gabion Box Why is the best choice of revetment.

1) Gabion Baskets gap is big, So often in the gabion baskets gap soil or caulk, After the microorganisms and various biological effects, The formation of soft and rich in nutrients in topsoil, Is conducive to the growth of plants, The formation of a good ecological environment.

2) Gabion Baskets also has strong water permeability. The Gabion Baskets is filled with objects such as stones for loose material, There are many pore, This is a water permeability, Can fully guarantee between the river and the river water of the water exchange and regulation function, Detention make-up dry, water level regulation, Enhance the self purification capacity of water body, A discharge of pore water in the soil after for masonry, To reduce groundwater pressure wall after. At the same time, surface water infiltration wall earth once in, It can be quickly discharged through the masonry, Effectively reduce the ground water level.

3) Gabion Baskets and good resistance to erosion. Gabion Baskets is to be applied on the Bank of the river, The sea dike protection long withstand wind and waves beat erosion but anti impact coefficient of gabion protective engineering is generally two times the riprap protection engineering anti impact coefficient, Stone gabion cushion protection project in even produce displacement, Pad structure at this time after deformation will adjust, To reach a new equilibrium, While the overall won't destroy, Thus the effective protection of slope soil is not damaged. Therefore, high safety coefficient.

4) wave protection well. The gabion baskets filled stone there is a certain gap, Wave crest, clap, spray was crushed, Reduces the impact wave pressure, The wind and waves, back when the crest, Because of gabion baskets gap, The destruction of the vacuum suction wind wave, And reduce the destruction of protective engineering, And the whole structure can be tuned in the wind force, To avoid the disadvantages of wall body crack.

5) good flexibility. Raw materials, Gabion Baskets can use coating hot dipped galvanized low carbon steel wire, Compose the grid wire has a certain strength, Not easy to be broken, the gabion baskets high whole intensity. Low carbon steel wire bearing deformation characteristics of moderate, Can be a project as a whole, Without parting,  Even if for some reason to break a mesh structure, It will not affect the integrity of the structure. Special effect of deformation small in foundation soil subsidence or wall earth when, The structure can carry out the self adaptability of fine-tuning, Not because of uneven subsidence caused subsidence seam etc. The overall structure is not destroyed.